Rugby World Cup 2015: How to make sales soar

Our Rugby World Cup guide includes details on what to stock, key dates, and how not to get into trouble.

The 2015 Rugby World Cup will fill stadiums (and pubs) around the country but 92% of people will be watching at home. This is whe

re you get to shine.

The tournament is fast approaching with the kick-off on September 18, but it’s not too late to get your store ready for hungry and thirsty fans of the biggest sport event of the year.

Get the basics right – trademark trouble

Understandably independent stores want to make the most of this special event and boost sales in an otherwise wet summer. But you need to make sure you don’t get into hot water by breaching trademark laws – just because you’re a small business, doesn’t mean you’ll be under the radar of the copyright watchdogs.

Rugby World Cup Heineken is an official Rugby World Cup supplier. It’s important to talk to your reps to make the most of the event and to stay out of trademark trouble.

Tread carefully when promoting the World Cup, it’s important to not suggest any official link to the tournament and only use official PoS given to you by official Rugby World Cup suppliers.

Note: In the 2012 Olympics, and despite it being a hit with customers, a florist received a lawsuit threat for creating the Olympics rings with tissue paper.

Understand the magnitude of the next six weeks

Rugby World Cup

We love a home game and shoppers are more interested in this World Cup than ever before – with a third of people planning on watching.

Pay particular attention to getting your store ready for the big games and the last minute rush. Put the following dates in your diary:

  • September 18: The opening match, England v Fiji
  • September 26: England v Wales
  • October 3: England v Australia
  • October 24/25: The semi-finals
  • October 31: The final

What to stock

It’s important to stick to trademark rules, but if you want to get Rugby World Cup merchandise into your store, it’s best to speak to your suppliers about what material they can provide.

But remember the Rugby World Cup is a social event and 72% of fans will be watching in groups. More than likely, they’ll be buying alcohol in bulk and on the hunt for sharing bags – so offer promotions and create a special sports fixture.

It’s also important to not forget the little fans too, as 23% will be watching with their children.

Source: Him! Research and Consulting – Rugby World Cup preparation 2015



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