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Comparing the prices of mints and gum products

Behind the numbers

Mints and gum sales are on the rebound post-pandemic as shoppers look for on-the-go sugar-free fresheners. Where are the opportunities for retailers to boost profits among key lines? 

Retailers are widening margins on Polo Spearmint: 65% charge above the most-common price of 55p set by 32%, with some going as high as 90p. Elsewhere in mints, 54% of stores are charging Tic Tac Fresh Mint 24pcs above its most-common price of 65p, which 45% are sticking to, with some charging as much as £1. 

Turning to gums, none of the lines analysed are charged above their most-common price by a majority of stores, but Wrigley’s Airwaves Extreme 10pcs comes close: 46% of retailers are going as high as £1.10, compared to the 53% charging the most-common price of 75p. Wrigley’s Extra Peppermint 10pcs has the highest price out of all lines examined, at £1.19, but just 25% retailers are charging above its most-common price of 80p. 

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