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As the weather warms up, cool off with our impulse ice cream price guide

Impulse ice cream prices

Behind the numbers

Handheld ice cream sales are a crucial piece of the spring-and-summer sales puzzle for many retailers. Where are the key opportunities for retailers to drive profits as the weather warms?

Cadbury Flake 99 is a key opportunity. Seventy-four per cent charge up to £2.29, compared with 26% sticking to the most-common (and lowest) price of £1.20. This is also the largest difference between the highest and most-common prices this week. Seventy-nine per cent are also charging as high as £2.75 for the Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich, with 20% selling it at the most-common price of £1.79.

Magnum lines are more price-sensitive, despite having the highest most-common prices out of all lines examined. Sixty per cent charge the most-common price of £2 for Magnum Classic, with 57% and 49% doing the same for White Chocolate. The Almond variety has a higher price than Classic or White, at £2.89 compared with £2.54.

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