Learn from the best: look right

eyes_1373075cThe October 2009 issue of Which, the consumers’ bible, provides a helpful double-page diagram revealing 10 secrets of how supermarkets position goods to make shoppers buy more. There will be no surprises for a local retailer who is paying attention but the simplicity of the presentation is useful in thinking about how well you are executing your strategy in-store.

“Look right” is tip number six, saying: “Most of us look right when we enter the shop – so that’s where supermarkets put current deals…[which] can be brought out at a moment’s notice – if it starts raining heavily, you may see umbrellas appear hear”.

If your layout will not accommodate a ‘deals zone’, you should still pay attention to what shoppers see when they look right – this will set the tone for their visit. (Also note the presumption to action, with the best stores being able to quickly change their displays and offer. That is quite a challenge!)

If you take time to look out the article, an other thing to observe is that Which positions its information from the point of view that most shoppers are too busy to decode what supermarkets do to make them buy more. The strategies are simple and easy for you to adapt.


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