Keeping soft drinks sales cool

lucozade orange, gsk, bryony, pemberton, ledgerThis April was one of the hottest on record, so it is not surprising that people are looking for ways to cool down and soft drinks were in demand. However, I was surprised to find that a number of retailers, independent and multiple, were not prepared. A number of stores had empty chillers and even shelves weren’t fully stocked as demand for soft drinks increased, which means they missed a great opportunity to drive incremental sales.

GSK’s top tips to drive soft drinks sales this summer

  • Ensure 100% availability of key products
  • Ensure the biggest brands are always visible and have enough space
  • Ensure soft drinks are always well chilled
  • Re-stock regularly on hot days

With more sunny weather predicted it is crucial that all retailers, big and small, ensure they stock up on soft drinks, ice cream and all other warm weather essentials. Whether that’s by requesting an extra rep visit or visiting their local wholesale depot before the heat hits, if retailers prepare for these busy summer days when temperatures are high they will be in a great position to capitalise on it and won’t leave thirsty customers disappointed.

In fact, research proves that rising temperatures present an excellent incremental sales opportunity for retailers if they have the stock levels to cope with demand and keep their chillers replenished. Nielsen research shows for every degree the temperature rises above 14 degrees, there is a 2-5% increase in sales, which varies by segment. Once the temperature reaches 20 degrees retailers can expect to see a strong sales uplift across all key categories, so our advice is to maintain chilled availability on all key segments and brands.


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