IAA 2016 Responsible Retailing

The award for Responsible retailing in association with JTI:

Winner: Bay Bashir, Lifestyle Express Belle Vue Convenience, Middlesborough

jti-logo-lssBay wants his customers to feel safe so employed an evening security guard. He progressively tackles legislation and invests in specialist training, and makes sure it’s put into practice. He is passionate about reducing drinking in pregnancy, so works closely with the police, council and retail forums to share details of the risks and introduced a campaign called ‘Alcohol and Pregnancy Don’t Mix’ attracted a lot of media coverage.

To spread the message he handed out carrier bags and stickers, trained staff on the dangers and alerted customers using point of sale.

Secrets to Responsible retailing success:

Winner: Bay Bashir
Store name: Lifestyle Express Belle Vue Convenience, Middlesborough
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  1. Bay isn’t prepared to cut corners with his staff and gives everyone full training and follow-up training. He also undertakes test purchases twice a year, saying if everyone is trained properly there’s a higher chance of success.
  2. To make sure staff are armed with the right tools to do their jobs, and ensure his store runs responsibly, Bay makes sure he is always fully up-to-date on legislation.
  3. Bay works closely with the council and has had carrier bags printed with messages warning against underage purchases on them. The council helped fund this, and instances of these sales have reduced as a result.

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