How to maximise the value of space in your store

betterRetailing speaks to four retailers about how they are effectively using the space they have in store

How to maximise the value of space in your store

When inflation is cutting into every store’s margins – and customers are looking to do more shopping locally – it is more important than ever that retailers are using every part of their store as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

For Arjan Mehr, who owns and runs Londis Bracknell in Berkshire, utilising every inch of space means not being afraid to be a little ruthless. When some categories that have been stalwarts for decades may not be bringing in the sales or profits needed to justify their place, other products might be worth introducing to boost sales and create new footfall opportunities. 

“It’s important to look at your store and not just rely on what you’ve always sold, but also what your customers might want now,” says Mehr. 

“With things like the lottery and scratchcards, they might still be useful to have in store, but so many stores have them now that they’re not really the footfall driver they used to be.” 

Mehr adds there’s always one category that can surprise you, that can result in increased store turnover and footfall, as well as inspire customers to drive to your store from miles around. 

While using space efficiently can help keep your store clear, tidy and helps maximise selling space, it can also help change the way customers shop your business. 

“We have a 3,000sq ft store, but we also want to make it easy for our customers to push a trolley around our store, so using space efficiently is really important,” says Jeet Bansi, who runs Londis Meon Vale in Stratford-upon-Avon

To explore the challenges and opportunities in using every inch of a store effectively, betterRetailing spoke to four retailers about how they are maximising the space they have in store. 

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