Unilever adds QR codes to Persil packs to aid blind shoppers

QR codes are integrated with accessibility app Zapvision, which can provide shoppers with additional product information

persil qr codes

Unilever has announced plans to improve on-pack accessibility by adding a QR code to its packaging, launching first on Persil packs in the UK.

The supplier says the QR code is intended to create a more inclusive experience for blind and partially sighted people in-store and at home.

The codes have been designed by augmented reality (AR) company Zappar in collaboration with Unilever and the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

They have additional markings around them, improving detectability. The accessibility app Zapvision can detect the product from more than one metre away and provide product information including how to open the box, use the product and recycling information.

Depending on the app’s settings, this information can be provided via audio or enlarged text.


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