The Daily Mail is offering £1,000 worth of support to RN readers who want to start newspaper deliveries in an industry-first initiative.

The publisher says hundreds of retailers are missing an opportunity to boost income with an early morning letterbox service and points out that just 100 HND accounts can be worth £10,000 in profit per year.

Each retailer who applies will be visited to assess their suitability and up to 10 shops will be selected to receive support worth as much as £1,000 per store. The funding will help cover canvassing costs, staff recruitment and equipment and bespoke HND software as well as guidance from a dedicated sales rep.

Daily Mail head of sales and marketing Tracey Hart said: “We value our home delivered customers, but more and more when we look at canvassing we have to turn customers down as the ‘black hole’ areas are growing and we cannot find retailers to deliver.

“We want to encourage retailers to consider offering a delivery service. We will work to support and develop the business for them to allow us to gain new readers.”

The project launch comes a week after the NFRN unveiled trials of its Store2Door HND scheme and underlines the trade’s determination to grow sales. Store2Door hopes to accredit thousands of members under an easily-recognisable brand and give publishers confidence to invest in the service.

Successful applicants will be invited to the Mail’s HND ‘masterclass’ this summer with Reading-based roundsman Richard Brighton, whose business delivers to thousands of homes a day.

RN will report on the progress of the retailers as they grow their business and share best practice.

Mr Brighton added: “HND offers a great opportunity to develop a business where there is not an enormous amount of competition. Fewer retailers offer HND, but it is such an amazing opportunity to develop a profitable business.”

If you do not currently offer an HND service but would like to begin with the support of a market-leading supplier, contact or call 020 3615 0639.