Comparing roll-your-own prices

Behind the numbers

Our roll-your-own tobacco price comparison tools below will help ensure you make the most of this growing category.

The majority of retailers are charging above the most common price on eight RYO tobacco lines. For example, 61% are pricing above the most common price of £15.30 on Drum The Original Blue 30g, selling it for up to £16.80.

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Amber Leaf 30g is being sold above the most common price by two-thirds of retailers, charging up to £15.99. The brand’s 50g format tells a different story, however, with 50% retailers charging the most common price of £24.82.

Lambert & Butler Original 50g is the least flexible line on pricing featured in this week’s table. Seventy-two per cent are charging the most common price of £19.20, with 27% pricing up to £22.

Similarly, 62% of retailers are selling JPS Gold Leaf 30g at the most common price of £11.65.

Roll-your-own tobacco price comparison

Roll-your-own tobacco price comparison

Roll-your-own tobacco price distribution

Percentage of stores selling roll-your-own tobacco lines above, below and at the most common retail price:

Roll-your-own tobacco price distribution

Must-stock roll-your-own tobacco products

Must-stock roll-your-own tobacco products

Retailer viewpoints

How roll-your-own tobacco works for their stores

Store Select & Save The Windmill
Location Birmingham
Size 2,600sq ft
Type Residential

Top products
Sterling Rolling Tobacco
Amber Leaf 30g
Amber Leaf 50g

RYO tobacco has always been a strong category for us and sales have increased since the pandemic. However, this has been similar across all of our categories. Following the menthol ban, some customers have switched to using RYO tobacco and menthol or crushball filters, but I have found they are trying new things to find what’s right for them. We are trying to educate ourselves on new products to help our customers find menthol alternatives, but this has been challenging without visits from tobacco reps.

Store Premier Smeaton Stores
Location Kirkaldy, Fife
Size 1,000sq ft
Type Residential

Top products
Amber Leaf (all varieties)
JPS Gold Leaf (all varities)
JPS Players Volume Tobacco (all varities)

We haven’t seen a huge increase in RYO tobacco since the menthol ban, but it’s early days. At the moment, menthol smokers are in an experimental phase where they’re seeing what’s available to them before trying something new. Our most popular sellers are the mentholated cards, which can be confusing to explain to customers, but we’re using trade press to expand our knowledge. Since the pandemic, customers who regularly smoke RYO tobacco are buying more than one pack to avoid having to visit the store more than once a week.

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