In one of my blogs last month I was advocating the virtues of investing in the appearance of your store explaining how layout and design can have a positive effect on both your turnover and profits.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say. Over the years, Retail Newsagent has reported many stories of successful refits and how the retailers have witnessed increased turnover. I am delighted to say that looking back throughout July there have been three further examples.

In the 15 July issue of RN Graham Walker tells of his experience when he only had half a refit and few other changes and his sales went up by 15%. Not bad.

Then in the 22 July RN Charles Richard talks of the effect on his business in the aftermath of floods that stuck Cornwall. He refitted the shop to Londis Genesis standard and saw his turnover double. Not bad either.

Finally, in the RN issue dated 29 July, Harry Patel invested a massive sum of £65,000 in total refit. Not only his customers were stunned by the new shop, his turnover is increasing steadily and he is getting more and more customers. Not bad as well.

And these are stories over a three-week period. If ever proof was needed, here it is. I fully realise that investing in a refit is not an easy option and it requires considerable capital investment but if you have to run the business, you might as well run it professionally, compete with the big boys who are increasingly encroaching on your territory, keep your customers happy and earn a decent living for all the hard work you put in. And as I said before, if you are thinking of selling your business, you have a much better chance of selling a modern well fitted shop.