Responsible retailing

IAA advice

1. Keep a log of all refusals, and get staff to sign and check it weekly.

2. Report any illicit trade using supplier websites or through HMRC. 

3. Check out supplier websites to find out information on new and upcoming legislation.

Alan’s results

We found the visit very beneficial. We implemented a log demonstrating all of our refusals, which I have trained my team to keep up to date. We check the log every week, which has made us a lot more organised and aware of underage sales. 

I check supplier websites every week to read up on new and upcoming legislation, and I’ve started telling my customers about the menthol ban and helping them decide their next steps. Becoming more responsible has helped me become a better retailer for my customers.

Partner advice

Mark Yexley
Head of Communications

It was fascinating to visit Alan’s store. Retailing responsibly is a vital part of being a successful independent shop. A refusals register is a great way of ensuring you are selling age-restricted goods correctly.

Set a leading example

Visit to ensure you’re protecting staff and shoppers, and see how you can be part of the next programme.

Find out more about what happened when the IAA visited Canterbury retailer Alan Mannings with JTI’s Head of Communications, Mark Yexley, sharing tips for more responsible retailing.