Food to go is one of the hottest phrases in the industry right now, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Here’s our 13-point list to get Fit For The Future. For more advice see our September 19 issue.

Getting started

1) Look around your local area to find out where you can make your food to go stand out.
2) If you want to build into food to go gradually, introduce a microwave near lines like microwave burgers and sausage rolls.
3) Introduce a coffee machine and place it next to breakfast items to drive early-morning sales.
4) Contact suppliers to find out how they can help you build your offer and find out where you might be missing out on sales.
5) Introduce a range of sandwiches and create a meal deal with soft drinks and snacks.

Building reputation

1) Make sure you are offering healthy options to broaden the appeal to your shoppers.
2) Promote your food to go with PoS and media screens at breakfast and lunch.
3) Offer quality food to go that shoppers are happy to pay extra for.
4) Rotate a selection of specials to give your shoppers fresh options.
5) Use social media to bring new shoppers in each day.

Future proof

1) Partner with a delivery service to grow your reach.
2) Introduce a hot evening meal option that no one else locally is offering.
3) Sample your food to your shoppers to keep them coming back.