For this week’s issue of RN, Les Gilbert and Jon Powell told me how they have added thousands of pounds to their annual profit by launching new HND services through their stores. Interested in doing the same? Les and Jon have these 6 tips to help you get started

Les-Gilbert-Premier-e1450701101598Les Gilbert, Chard News, Somerset

HND launched: May

Delivers to: 70 urban and rural customers

Delivery charge: 28p per house

HND profit: around £3,000 per year

Aim high and be professional – don’t just deliver to 20 or 30 houses because the time and expense involved isn’t worth it. Set your HND up so it’s large enough to be a business within a business and market it properly – my next step is to get my van branded up professionally and to have leaflets designed to promote my service.

Ask the experts for help – News UK, Jackie’s News and Paper Round advised me on my set-up and to create something I could scale up, so now I’m aiming to add deliverers and vehicles. Smiths were helpful in bringing my delivery time forward too.

Get inspiration from your peers – I’ve picked up ideas from other retailers on social media. I saw that Jon, for example, has added business customers and I could do that too.

Learn more about Les and his store here


Jon-PowellJon Powell, The Newsagent, Newport

HND launched: August

Delivers to: 60 business and local customers

Delivery charge: £3 per week

HND profit: more than £200 a week

Use adult deliverers – Jackie’s News advised me that they are more reliable. I do my own deliveries at the moment but my long-term aim is to employ adult deliverers when the business is big enough.

Advertise by social media – I post about my service and introductory offers on Twitter and Facebook and have picked up customers from them.

Be flexible – If people can’t get out to pay me, I’m happy to call on them if they want me to, and to deliver other products too.

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