TLM Technologies and NearSt announce partnership

NearSt's software allows retailers to show their current stock levels of certain products on Google and Facebook search results

tlm nearst partnership

Retail software companies TLM Technologies and NearSt have announced a partnership which sees the latter’s software integrated with the former’s evoBackOffice EPoS software.

NearSt’s technology allows shoppers searching online to see what products are currently available to them on a store’s shelves in Google and Facebook search results.

This comes with Google searches for “who has _ in stock” rising by 8,000% year on year thanks in part to the pandemic.

Adrian Felton, managing director of TLM Technologies, said: “Every day, thousands of people near to our customers’ shops will look online for products they stock. With this partnership, stores can show them what they’ve got and get those shoppers in-store.”

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