Government furlough scheme ends today

The scheme was introduced in March 2020 and helped to pay wages of staff who were unable to work due to the coronavirus pandemic

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The furlough scheme has ended today, with many employers still remaining concerned over how to pay their staff.

The scheme involved the government helping to pay wages of those who were unable to work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Furlough was introduced in March 2020 and helped pay the wages of approximately 11.6 million workers after parts of the UK economy was forced to close because of Covid-19.

Furlough driving newspaper demand among younger customers

The government during this year have slowly reduced the amount of wages they were paying, at first it paid 80% of workers usual wage, but in August and September it lowered to 60%, with employers paying 20%.

It has been warned that the end of furlough could lead to an increase in unemployment.


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