Telegraph voucher recharge plan slammed by NFRN

According to NFRN national president Stuart Reddish, members 'will lose money from this recharging'

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The Telegraph’s decision to recharge vouchers for editions affected by the Extinction Rebellion protest in September is damaging customer relationships, according to NFRN members.

South East district member and owner of Angies News in Seaford, East Sussex, Chris Tracey was one of thousands of members to receive a letter from the NFRN on 17 December.

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Earlier in December, the Telegraph had written to retailers stating its intention to recharge retailers that had submitted vouchers for the 5 September edition.

The NFRN advised stores to recoup the costs by passing the recharge on to customers, and to tell them to contact the Telegraph to receive a refund.

Tracey told Better Retailing: “I chose to deliver the supplements without the live news and added a note explaining the situation.”

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Despite being left out of pocket by the Telegraph’s move, the shop owner said recharging customers to recoup costs would be too damaging to his customer relationships.

In the letter to members, NFRN national president Stuart Reddish wrote: “Members will lose money from this recharging.

“I have made the Telegraph’s management aware of the NFRN’s dissatisfaction.”

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