Family Shopper retailers are targeting shoppers with extra £1 deals and value promotions on bottled water, bread and milk this month to keep up momentum from a positive Christmas trading period.

Family Shopper store owners speaking to RN said sales grew by up to 18% during the festive period due to a high number of supermarket-beating deals which won over value-conscious shoppers from multiples and discounters.

Shahid Razzaq, who runs a Family Shopper in Blantyre, said his sales were up 18% compared to the previous year.

He added: “The promotions over Christmas were really good and we didn’t have many items priced over £1.

“Money has been tight for shoppers this month, so now we’re doing deals like a loaf of bread and Euro Shopper milk for £1.50, which a lot of customers have been going for.”

Adeil Hussain, owner of a Family Shopper in Motherwell, said his sales grew 17% this Christmas.

“Some of the deals we had over Christmas were better than the supermarkets,” he said. “For example, we had Cadbury chocolate selection boxes at £1.50 while the larger stores were charging £2 for them.

“We’re now doing deals like three for £1 on Smartwater, which is going well right now with people who are trying to be healthier this month.”

Meanwhile, Derby retailer Vip Measuria said he was one of six Family Shopper retailers trialling a new Christmas competition, which gave customers the chance to win a £100 cash prize by putting their receipts into a lucky dip box.

Robert Butler, head of Family Shopper, said the group will provide an update on the results of the trial at a later date.

He added: “It is great news that Mo and Adeil have seen such growth over Christmas.

“It is also pleasing to hear that the promotions such as the £1 range, selection boxes and bottled water have delivered real value for them.”