Swizzels’ #Marvellousormadness campaign to drive mallows sales

The supplier is also maintaining Marvellous Mallows' £1 PMP

swizzels marvelous mallows

Swizzels is launching a campaign in April to drive sales of its Marvellous Mallows line.

The #Marvellousormadness social media campaign will run for eight weeks from 1 April.

It will invites consumers from the UK to share the “weird and wonderful” ways in which they enjoy eating their mallows in return for prizes.

The supplier has launched the campaign as the mallows category has grown in convenience by 22.3% in the past year to be worth £24.4m.

Holly Drescher, junior brand manager at Swizzels, said: “Mallows continue to grow in popularity. They are the ideal product for on-the-go eating, sharing occasions and home baking. The creative opportunities for Marvellous Mallows are year-round: toasting by summer camp fires, making s’mores, topping on hot chocolate on Bonfire Night or creating something yummy with the kids during half term.”

Additionally, Swizzels Marvellous Mallows are maintaining their £1 price on-pack, amid rising price-marked pack (PMP) RRPs across snacking and confectionery.

Drescher added: “We’re pleased to be able to maintain the important £1 price point despite competitors moving higher. We want to continue offering a great-tasting product at a great price.”


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