£1 sharing bags of crisps nearing extinction

The end of £1 price-marked (PMP) sharing bags is one step closer as one of the last crisp suppliers providing a full PMP range at the bestselling price point is looking to up its selling price.

A source at Calbee group told betterRetailing that Seabrook Crisps is planning to update its PMPs to reflect recent inflation and protect retailer percentage and margins.

Wholesalers previously claimed efforts by some suppliers to hang on to the £1 price point despite cost pressures had resulted in shrinking retail and wholesale margins.

The news comes not long after Swizzels confirmed that price-marks on its hanging bags would be increasing from £1 to £1.15.

Booker showed 16 crisp and snack, 11 sugar confectionery and three chocolate confectionery £1 PMP sharing bag lines remain on sale.

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