As brands compete with own-label products and niche and local items for space on stores’ shelves, advertising has become more important than ever


Pernod Ricard UK (Plymouth Gin) 

Craft spirits arrived in 2018, but one of the challenges with emerging trends is retailers are not always sure what to stock. Pernod Ricard UK’s investment in its premium gin brand – highlighting its 62.4% year-on-year growth and £2.1m annual sales – gave independent retailers a clear idea of one name associated with this trend. Plymouth Gin, however, also benefits from significant support from its owner.  

Did you know?

Port town Plymouth has a historic relationship with spirits, as sailors would be given a daily allowance of rum on long journeys. 

Lucozade Ribena Suntory

It seems that every year retailers face a major piece of regulatory change and require help from suppliers to adapt their category management. This year, the soft drinks tax arrived and LRS used its advertising to update retailers on what the tax was, how its portfolio was being adapted and even a planogram that guided stores on how to merchandise ranges after its prices changed. 

Did you know?

Soft drinks were one of the categories affected by this year’s CO2 crisis when factories producing the gas shut down simultaneously.


Big numbers, a retailer on the front and a message that your store, specifically, will be affected by the good news – Camelot’s messaging had it all. And while relations with retailers haven’t always been plain sailing, this spring’s ad campaign announced a turnaround with confidence, including the millions the company would be investing on an improved phone line for retailers and updated PoS.

Did you know?

The National Lottery has created 5,000 millionaires. When a store sells a winning ticket, Camelot has PoS to advertise it is ‘lucky’. 

Imperial Tobacco

The perennial question of how to manage the vaping and e-cigarette category in c-stores remains unanswered as 2018 comes to a close – small brands, micro-trends and specialist shops all muddy the waters. Luckily, some brands have begun to cut through, and Blu’s MyBlu campaign highlighted the increasing sophistication of mainstream products. A settled market of established brands is close at hand it seems.

Did you know?

Blu is available in 14 flavours including Strawberry Mint, Menthol and Tobacco. Imperial Tobacco is using its sales teams to support stores.

Coca-Cola European Partners 

It might have been the year of the sugar tax, but soft drinks got a boost from the hottest summer in 42 years. CCEP brought fun to the category by giving its offer an unprecedented ‘twist’ with products such as Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Vanilla and Diet Coke Exotic Mango. Its investment in these products has outlasted the summer, however, giving retailers an opportunity to keep the sales coming.

Did you know?

Coca-Cola European Partners – one section of the larger Coca-Cola family – sells 2.5 billion cases of soft drinks every year.