2018 Overall Best Shop Mo Razzaq, Family Shopper Blantyre, Glasgow

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Mo and his store are at the heart of his community, His efforts and successes illustrate a great example of adapting to change. His separately branded dessert bar is pushing the boundaries of convenience, and his approach to using technology to improve the customer experience is well-ahead of its time.

Mo has created Privilege, a loyalty scheme that sends bespoke promotions, engages through social media and provides quality data on his customers’ buying habits. With a process in place to review the data this scheme provides is he consistently able to better serve his customers’ needs. This work has resulted in a 10% uplift in sales across the store.

The addition of Roxy’s dessert bar gives Mo’s store a clear point of difference and ensures his store remains at the front of people’s minds. This is complemented by the breakfast bar with phone and laptop charging points. The two together with his Subway franchise are ensuring Mo maintains footfall when most are seeing a decline.