The new website from JTI aims to provide retailers with all the resources they need.

The website has been created to provide tobacco retailers with information, tools and training to support their business. The development of JTI Advance has been guided by the needs of retailers. JTI ran a series of round table meetings with award winning retailers like Arjan Mehr to fully understand what tools are needed.

“Tobacco is a key product for the majority of convenience store retailers with as much as 40% of some stores turnover coming from the category,”. Arjan Mehr

“Tobacco is in a period of huge transformation with small stores going dark from 6th April next year. Retailers need to get their management of the category right well before then and JTI Advance has many of the tools to help.”

Understanding the laws that regulate tobacco and applying them in your store is key to operating a trouble-free business.

The website has information on current, future and proposed legislation. It also has a staff training module that both informs staff about selling tobacco responsibly and, if they pass the test at the end of the program, there is a certificate to show their knowledge. A Trading Standards officer who visits your store will see this as evidence of your due diligence process in managing the category.

The site has many tools to help retailers make the most of the category including information on the top selling products, a margin calculator and merchandising.

Arjan added: “JTI Advance is a fabulous tool. It is useful, informative and comprehensive, designed with the retailer in mind. Retailers can make use of each section to help them run and manage their business on a daily basis.”

Access to is for registered retailers only so ask your JTI rep about the website or contact the JTI customer care line to arrange a visit.