Newsagents and print publishers could benefit from a "tech tax" on companies like Google and Facebook used to support newspapers and magazines.

In submissions to the Cairncross Review into press sustainability, the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), National Union of Journalists, News Media Association (NMA), and Johnston Press all called for the introduction of a content license fee to “bring back” revenue from digital companies to print.

“Although Google and Facebook produce no original content, they extract nearly 100% of the UK’s growth in digital ad expenditure,” says the NMA. “The introduction of a fair, open and equitable content licence fee agreement would ensure that tech companies pay for the content from which they benefit.”

Publisher Johnston Press agreed, calling for publications to get a share of the ad revenue.

“Readerships have never been greater, but many more people are seeing our stories for free on websites and platforms that have sequestrated our advertising,” it said. “We look to the Cairncross Review to establish a contract between creators of quality journalism and tech companies, so that we receive a fair share of the revenues generated while they benefit from our content, audience and brand.”