Retailers have been delivering newspapers for years, but for most, further expansions into delivery have been pretty slow to emerge. Why has it ended there? And more specifically for this column: if you have a great alcohol range, why not reach out to those customers who would appreciate the ease with which their favourite store can get their favourite tipple to them?

How would you like to see another 15 orders a week coming through your till, at an average of £24 a piece? How about if the products that made up those orders were sold for up to double the normal price? And how about if each order also led to positive feedback online?

Sunder Sandher, who was shortlisted for the IAA last week, shared some brilliant data with us on his partnership with Deliveroo. Under the name Leamington Wine & Spirits, Sunder is selling a wide range of booze, delivered directly from his One Stop store.

Sunder shared with us the number of orders he’s getting – relatively low at the moment, he added, but “it goes crazy” when the students return to town, the value of the orders and what days and times most orders are happening…it’s brilliant stuff. His busiest delivery day is Wednesday. Friday, when you might expect most orders, is only fourth most popular. How are YOUR booze sales on Wednesdays?

He also shared with us what his delivery customers are buying. He now knows what days he needs to make sure his prosecco shelves are full, and what days the Cabernet Sauvignon and San Miguel crowd are likely to order.

In store, Sunder charges about £7 for prosecco. Online, his customers value the convenience so much they are paying £14.99. Absolut Vodka is his most popular product, and sells through Deliveroo for £29.99.

The reach of your shop can be much bigger than you might think. Delivery services might be the thing that can build on the brand loyalty that your customers have built in store. What better way to offer convenience to your customers.