JTI relaunches Sterling Rolling Tobacco 3-in-1 Box in pouch format

JTI is has relaunched its Sterling Rolling Tobacco 3-in-1 box in a pouch format, as the demand for more convenient alternatives grows.

Currently, mini pouch tobacco is highly compressed, and the box format and size makes it difficult for smokers to carry on-the-go. The new format will provide a more portable option for users.

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The pouch contains a full rolling kit, including 30g of tobacco, 100 papers and 77 filter tips, which is easy to carry. It will have the same RRP of £12.30.

With Sterling rolling tobacco commanding a 29.2% share in the value roll-your-own sub-category, the new pouch format taps into the demand for convenience and value.  

The supplier said the new product will also benefit independent retailers, with a lower trade outer cost versus the box format.

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Dan Legate, brand manager of conventional tobacco products at JTI UK, said: “The Sterling Rolling Tobacco 3-in-1 Pouch is an exciting transition for the Sterling range, especially now that Sterling rolling tobacco is the UK’s fastest growing tobacco brand.

“The pouch aims to alleviate issues surrounding convenience and portability for the consumer, while staying true to Sterling’s reputable quality. We’re confident that the pouch will meet this consumer demand and become a strong driver for future Sterling rolling growth.”

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