lucozade alert original

Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I (SBF GB&I) is extending its Lucozade Alert range with a new Original variety.

Available in 500ml price-marked and standard cans from next month, it joins the rest of the range which includes Tropical Burst and Cherry Blast options. Like the rest of the Lucozade range, the new variety will be non-HFSS.

As energy drinks are the fastest-growing soft drinks segment in recent years, the supplier said new flavours are important for retailers to continue to drive excitement and provide different options.

SBF GB&I announces mid-September launch for new Lucozade Alert range

“Lucozade Energy Original remains a strong favourite with consumers, so bringing its taste to the Lucozade Alert range is set to grow sales even further for retailers,” said Zoe Trimble, head of Lucozade at SBF GB&I. “Lucozade Alert Original will help to meet consumer demand for a stimulation drink which tastes great, is low calorie and more relevant to a wider audience as part of the Alert range.”

Trimble added over the past year, consumption patterns have changed and drinking occasions have evolved, so it recognises the importance of launching new flavours and formats to suit behaviours.

SBF recommends t hat Lucozade Alert Original should be ranged within the stimulation category in the chiller alongside Lucozade Alert’s other flavours.

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