hancocks novelty toy sweets

Hancocks has launched several new novelty sweet/toy crossover products from The Crazy Candy Factory and Sweet Bandit.

The Crazy Candy Factory has launched Puzzle Eggs, Robo Rex Grabber, and Robo Hand Grabber.

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Puzzle Eggs are a pack of 12 eggs, each including 20g of fruit flavour sweets with a colourful number puzzle, which the wholesaler says suits long car journeys.

The Robo Rex and Robo Hand Grabbers are grabber toys with flavoured candy sweets in the handles. They are available to retailers at £13.50 for 18 units.

The Crazy Candy Factory has also launched Chaos Floss, a sour candy floss which paints the tongue blue, and Unicorn Light Pop, fruit-flavoured lollipops with a light-up unicorn head.

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Meanwhile, Sweet Bandit has added Cherry Cola and Citrus Attack flavours to its Crunchy Crystals sherbet confectionery range.

It has also launched 3D Surprise Eggs, which include an egg with a collectible figure, candy and stickers, in Dino Hunt, Shark Attack and Snake Hunt varieties. They are available to retailers in boxes of 18 for £9.90.

Chris Smith, marketing communications manager at Hancocks, said: “Novelty kids sweets bring joy to little ones with the combination of candy and a toy appealing to children. With summer likely to be spent in the UK rather than heading overseas, these are great for days and car journeys.”

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