Shoppers spent £937m on confectionery over Christmas 2018, growing twice as fast as food and drink over the same period.

Seasonal chocolate took its place as the top impulse item purchased, with 70% of confectionery shoppers only buying branded items.

Susan Nash, trade communications manager at Mondelez, said from October, novelties are an effective way for retailers to drive impulse sales, with the sub-category worth £23m in sales.

“From November, availability and visibility is key as Christmas is now at the front of shoppers’ minds. Retailers should add advent calendars to their seasonal range as they begin the countdown to the big day,” she said.

She added that this year, Cadbury is also bringing back £6m Secret Santa campaign, which will span TV, social media, and PoS.

“Retailers should ramp up their range in December with displays and dedicated space in store for seasonal lines. Large sharing packs and gifting products – such as tubes, tubs, and selection boxes and kids gifts – are key, and offer a significant trade-up opportunity.”

Boost your confectionery profits this Christmas

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