In its latest piece of activation for the confectionery category, Mondelez International last week opened up a pop-up shop for Cadbury Roses in central London. Mondelez’s trade communications manager, Susan Nash, speaks with Tom Gockelen-Kozlowski

Last year was the biggest Christmas ever, and it can only go one way,” Susan Nash, Mondelez International’s trade communication’s manager, explains – suggesting confectionery may provide a solution to retailers with concerns over Brexit, margins and the many other issues they face. 

Last week saw a brief return to 2018’s long, hot summer, and with it came an unforeseen and much-needed opportunity for stores to boost those soft drink, beer and ice cream sales. 

And if Susan Nash is right, perhaps it’s not the only FMCG miracle that the year has in store – could a bumper Christmas provide the sales boost that will, albeit temporarily, give stores the boost they need? 

That’s what Mondelez expects and, despite other challenges for traditional categories such as confectionery, such as the rise of fresh and chilled and growing health concerns, there is confidence from the supplier.

“Confectionery is strong for convenience – it’s one of those categories that customers buy on impulse – so it is a great business driver,” Nash says. 

Ahead of Christmas – and with the Cadbury Roses ‘Thank You’ campaign in full flow – Susan Nash speaks to RN about the market, how stores can boost their profits and why it’s going to be another great Christmas. 

Five ways stores can boost their confectionery profits

We’re now investing in one of our biggest brands

This autumn, we’re really celebrating Roses in its 80th year. It’s a £40m brand and it is the number-one sharing product in its segment and is strongly associated with ‘Thank You’. It is a great opportunity for convenience, particularly as a ‘Thank You’ brand, as it is an all-year-round gift product. It has that flexibility for the retailer as it’s relevant during big events and it’s also relevant outside the seasons.

There are great profit-boosting trends out there

Premiumisation is one – we’re seeing consumers saying, ‘If I want a treat, then I want a big treat.’ Then, with the ageing population, we are also seeing the importance of heritage brands – Cadbury, Bourneville, these have really loyal fans and consumers trust them. It’s great for retailers because they can trust that these are products that will sell through on their shelves.

Think about your Christmas shopper missions

One shopper mission is that emergency purchase and if you think about it that’s what convenience is all about. It’s the place that you go to get something you need, and need quickly. It’s the ideal place to have good-value gifts and is flexible in terms of the opportunities it serves.

Take a step-by-step approach to the festive season  

Start small with your impulse products early on, then as the countdown goes on, make sure you have some key lines such as advent calendars. As you get closer, the magic of Christmas really kicks in – then it’s gift products, too.

Investing time in great theatre will pay off

It’s about giving your shoppers added value. And with a great display you might trigger the thought in your customers’ minds that they need to buy a gift. You can then meet that need and stop them going somewhere else. Christmas is a great opportunity and last year was the biggest opportunity ever – I’m sure it’s only going to go one way this year.