Notays StoresOver the course of the next six weeks, is joining forces with Retail Express and Taylors of Harrogate, makers of Yorkshire Tea, to follow the progress of two leading independent retailers who are implementing some groundbreaking category advice from the company. Here we meet the first retailer and find out what he’s looking to improve on.

Serge Notay runs Notay Stores in Heckmondwike, Yorkshire. None of his customers are brand loyal, he says – they usually just look for whatever is on offer.

“Frequency of purchase is fairly high with the majority of my customers coming in because they’ve run out or forgotten to buy their tea bags during their weekly shop,” he says.

Serge’s hot drinks are at the front of his store – primarily to deter shoplifters – so his category is very visible to all customers.

“I want to talk to Taylors of Harrogate about giving my hot beverages category a boost so that I can attract new customers with some new products, and increase volumes with my existing customers.”

Look out next week as we meet our second retailer, Bay Bashir, and find out what help he needs to grow his hot beverage sales.