Health activists are turning their attention to limiting selling times of alcohol in Scotland, following the introduction of the minimum unit pricing (MUP) on 1 May.

An alliance that includes clinicians from Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems and the British Medical Association played a crucial role in introducing MUP. It has now renewed calls to stop the sale of alcohol in off-licences after 8pm.

However, retailers say the restriction, if adopted, could force them out of business. Faisal Naseem of Brechin Party Time, Angus, said: “It could cause me to close my shop. Retailers will lose a lot of footfall, and will miss all the sporting, social, and late night events. These are the key factors for a retailer, especially if you’re solely an off-licence.”

Meanwhile, Robert Kirkwood of The Corner Shop, Cowdenbeath, said he partly relies on late night purchases as he opens until 9pm.

“I do quite a few alcohol sales in the last hour. People know it’s just a quick nip to the shop before I close at 9pm and they can pick something up unexpectedly.”