Menzies signs Newspro deal

Menzies Distribution has signed a deal with the Fed support the trade group’s magazine category management tool, Newspro.

The agreement will see Menzies Superleague store group merged into the Newspro group, increasing Newspro’s membership total to more than 3,000 independent stores, making it the largest independent retailer magazine buying group in the UK.

In return, Menzies said its subsidiary Fore will take over the operation of the Newspro service from its rivals Lucid Retail. Menzies vowed to use the enhanced scale of the group to drive better promotions, support and ranges from publishers for participating retailers.

Menzies also said it would also offer retailers ‘preferential terms on adjacent category offers’, hinting at a supply of goods beyond newspapers and magazines.

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The wholesaler described the partnership as playing a role in ‘ensuring that newspapers and magazines maintain prominent retail space in a competitive landscape.”

Newspro – previously only available for Fed members, works to simplify magazine retailing for stores by controlling the range that they stock. The Fed claims the service leads to an immediate £500 cashflow boost and subsequent sales increases for participating stores.

Menzies distribution managing director Grant Jordan commented: “Magazine and newspaper sales are incredibly valuable to independent retailers and the correct range and promotions are so important in attracting customers into stores and optimising sales potential. Printed media remains a vital part of our communities, providing information and entertainment for so many consumers and we are proud to be supporting through the services that FORE will be providing.”

Fed national president Muntazir Dipoti backed the move stating:“Through this partnership, we are able to simplify the process for independent retailers and provide publishers with access to the largest independent retailer buying group operating across the UK and Ireland, further building a platform of great services and incremental sales for all.”

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