final news of the world on the standIt is now four weeks since the last edition of the News of the World was published and the phone hacking scandal has faded from the headlines. The remaining tabloid titles have been jostling for readers with money off voucher, price cuts, extra copy allocation and of course margin cut.

So where have our News of the World customers gone to? We brought the Daily Sun on Sunday back in to our range expecting that maybe our NoW customers would be interested in buying it. Well we got that wrong as our peak sales of that title over the past month has only been 2 copies!

For us the winner has been the Mail on Sunday with an average net gain of 13 copies a week and a peak gain of 20. Next best has been the Sunday Telegraph at a gain of 12 copies and the Sunday Mirror has gained 6. Bottom of the pile is the Sunday Times with no gain at all. That means we are actually making more profit from our Sunday newspapers now, interesting!

With this information it has been easy to decide which title should benefit from the display space we used to give to the News of the World. And the winner of that contest is the Mail on Sunday.

So how are you using your former News of the World display space?