Retailers have been urged to capitalise on the continued opportunity presented by news and current affairs titles, following the General Election.

Speaking to RN, Dean Russell, group sales development manager for Comag, pointed out retailers who are proactive across the current affairs sector can experience sales increases in the weeks following a General Election, not just beforehand.

“Encourage your customers to look at the range of news and current affairs titles you stock, especially those buying their daily newspaper,” he said.

Mr Russell advised retailers to maximise their sales potential by experimenting with new titles, encouraging customers to place a regular order through HND or shop-save and give more space to the sector throughout June.

Private Eye’s managing director Sheila Molnar said the title is experiencing some of the highest sales in its history (current affairs magazines also spiked after Article 50 was triggered).

“Private Eye has seen an uplift in sales since the General Election was announced,” she said.

“There have been encouraging signs since Brexit and the election of Trump that the sector is benefiting from all the political drama and sales appear to be doing well across the range.”