Mail Newspapers has opened a new complaint contact centre, following nearly 500 disastrous deliveries.

According to the National Distribution Monitor, the owner of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday was the worst performing publisher for delivering newspapers on time between January and June this year. It missed 224 more cut-off times than the second worst publisher.

In a bid to tackle the late deliveries, a retailer-only complaints centre, called Retail Matters, has been created for independents to contact by email and telephone.

Retailers took to social media to voice their frustrations over Mail newspapers. Stephen Hunter from Bradford posted: "Daily Mail must be in self-destruct mode – double running again. Still waiting and all rounds gone now, even collect customers fed up."

Halifax newsagent Lynda Brown wrote: "Given up on Mails……… other stuff to do than wait for them coming. May pick some up in town for HND. Then the rest can go back. (If they ever get here)."

Contact the Daily Mail complaints centre on: or 0808 272 9990