Here on betterRetailing we’re always looking for new tools and resources to help retailers grow their sales. In fact we have a dedicated Retailer Resources section  where we gather all the best practice advice we can find in one place.

Lots of suppliers have category advice website to help retailers make the most of their limited space and time. One thing that’s been missing from the core categories though is advice on news and magazines. Until now.

News UK have recently launched a new website aimed at helping customers manage their news offering and grow sales in a challenging category.

The site features updates on London-wide, and UK-wide, distribution, as well as category management advice, latest news and an FAQ section.

You can also register to become a member of News UK’s Retail+ partner programme. There’s a dedicated section of the site where you can delve deeper into retailers case studies on how they’ve grown sales as well as a whole host of other advice.

The site is easy to navigate and filled with useful information. News is a challenging category for retailers to manage, so best practice advice can be invaluable.

How do you manage your newspaper category? Let us know in the comments below.