As part of a regular RN series of how-to guides, we look at how retailers can generate extra revenue from children’s magazines.

As the summer holidays get under way, families are flocking to seaside towns and holiday parks across the country.

When the sunshine finally makes way for more traditional summer rain, parents will be on the lookout for ways to keep young minds occupied – and magazines remain one of the cheapest and easiest methods.

The children’s sector continues to outperform almost every other part of the newsstand and will be a key contributor to retailers’ revenue over the next two months.

RN spoke to some leading magazine specialists to share their tips for making the most of seasonal sales.

Carol Stubbs,

Dereham News,


I would suggest putting children’s magazines next to the newspapers. It’s the area in the shop that generates the most footfall and when parents come in with their children, you bring them at eye level with the kid’s magazines. We also make sure that the display is well lit and get the titles with the better looking covermounts to the front of the fixture.

Mark Dudden,

AJ & B Dudden,


Window displays are a great way of getting children through the door in the first place. We have just created a new display and it mean that eight of the first 10 magazines I sold this morning were children’s titles. We don’t wait for customers to come inside the shop before we start selling to them.

Nimish Ashar,




The key element is keeping the fixture neat and tidy. It’s one thing that the supermarkets can’t match independents on and it means that you make sure children can see the front covers. That is absolutely crucial because they have recognition with whatever the popular brands are at the time. The bottom shelf is the best place for children’s magazines. It’s pointless putting anything else there because adults won’t bend down to look.

Owen Church,

Good News,

Great Yarmouth

It’s all about keeping a broad range so that you’ve got titles which will appeal to all ages. You can never predict what is going to be popular at any time, so we tend to stock plenty of titles during the summer. It’s important to keep them properly segmented between boys, girls and pre-school so that children can easily browse and find what they’re looking for.