iPadLast weekend I got the chance to have a lengthy play with Apple’s latest must-have gadget, the iPad, thanks to a friend of mine recently buying himself one on a trip to Boston. I have to say, I was impressed. I don’t own an iPhone and have never been bowled over when I’ve used one, but the iPad was really easy to use, speedy, a handy size and it kept me entertained for quite some time while England failed to put the USA in its place in the team’s first match of the World Cup.

A couple of weeks ago Nick blogged about how he didn’t think the iPad could really compete with a newspaper, and I’d agree that while I think it’s a fantastic product, I’m doubtful it will have a huge impact. And I don’t think it will affect magazines to a large extent either. It’s great for general surfing of the internet, watching music videos or television episodes, and even fairly easy to type on, but I can’t see the appeal of reading a magazine on it.

In a recent article about eReaders, David Hepworth, the editorial director of publisher Development Hell, warned the publishing industry about getting ahead of themselves when embracing the technology.

“It’s not the case, as some people seem to be assuming, that magazines and newspapers will inevitably migrate on to screens,” he said.

We can’t deny that circulations are decreasing and are likely to fall further, but I wouldn’t hold this little gadget responsible.