Card payment

Charging customers for card payments could negatively impact magazine sales, retailers are being warned.

Dean Russell, Comag’s independent retail and sales development manager, said he is concerned retailers charging for payments under £5 could be losing out.

“If people come in just for a magazine and they haven’t got cash they are likely to walk away,” he said. “But we know it’s very difficult for retailers because they get charged.”

David Woodrow, of Woodrow’s Newsagent in Bishopston, charges 20p for any card transaction under £5. He said he doesn’t lose sales because he is able to offer customers the option of withdrawing cash from the post office in his store, but thinks he would if that wasn’t available.

“You can imagine magazines would be one of the areas where you could lose sales, especially in more urban areas,” he said.

“It would be helpful if the magazine distributors could lobby the card providers in order to cut their fees.”

Ketan Patel, of Purley Bon Bon in Surrey, said he does not charge for card payments and believes doing so could put customers off buying magazines.