Nisa retailers are being charged a higher surcharge on reduced deliveries, despite the symbol group promising rates would be based on cases ordered.

Some of the symbol group’s partners told betterRetailing their contracts stated their rate of delivery surcharges would be determined by the number of cases ordered, rather than cases delivered. betterRetailing understands Nisa charges 3.5% for fewer than 300 cases ordered, 2.75% for 300 to 399 cases and 1.5% for 400 cases or above.

However, retailers said Nisa was quietly applying a higher rate of surcharge, despite the wholesaler putting caps on orders due to industry-wide availability issues.

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One partner, who asked not to be named, told betterRetailing: “It’s not fair because these issues are not caused by us. It’s Nisa who’s implementing the caps. Why should we be penalised for their actions?”

However, another partner added Nisa was taking backpedalled on its decision when challenged by stores. “I’ve managed to be credited back after I raised the issue with them. I know of other retailers who have done the same, but why should we have to spend time and effort chasing Nisa to backdate money that shouldn’t have been taken in the first place.”

A Nisa spokesperson said: “There has been no change to the surcharge process, and Nisa is communicating with partners individually regarding their availability.”

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