Carriage charge rises make the independent sector “less sustainable”, an MP has said, as Menzies announced another hike.

MP Nigel Evans voiced his opposition to the rise as retailers found out they
face an average 1.7% in-crease from 2 April, with the company stating in letters that the rise is “necessary” because of the National Living Wage increase to £7.50 from 1 April.

It comes after Menzies blamed an additional rise in 2016 within six months of its previous rise on increasing wage costs.

Martin Lightfoot, of Londis Solo Convenience in Glasgow, said his charge will rise by 2.15%. “There’s no way we can make that percentage back,” he said.

Linda Sood, of Falcon Convenience Store in Portsmouth, said she will stop selling newspapers if the rises continue.

NFRN chief executive Paul Baxter said: “News wholesalers have to recognise that year-in, year-out increases in carriage charges with no consultation have to stop.”

Menzies said no further review is scheduled until 2018.