Kelloggs is doubling the amount of Vitamin D in its cereals as part of the company’s initiative to support consumer’s health. 

Its cereals will now contain 50% of an adult’s daily recommended Vitamin D. First to be reformulated is Coco Pops Original, Rice Krispies (Original), Frosties, Corn Flakes, Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes, Special K Original.

Kellogg’s Bran Flakes, Sultana Bran, Rice Krispies, Fruit n Fibre, Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes will be reformulated in autumn, with more to follow at the start of next year.

Laura Street, Kellogg’s nutrition manager, said: “It’s difficult to get Vitamin D in your diet and our research shows that people aren’t naturally choosing foods which contain this crucial vitamin.”

The announcement follows the company reducing the sugar in Coco Pops and delisting Ricicles earlier this year.

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