Bestway sunday trading

Convenience stores are likely to see impulse and alcohol sales grow as hospitality opens, Bestway managing director Dawood Pervez has predicted.

Speaking on The Wholesale Company’s ‘Wholesale – Road to Recovery’ webinar on 31 March, the wholesale boss outlined potential convenience trends as pubs and restaurants gradually open amid the easing of lockdown restrictions.

He said: “Pubs will be able to serve customers outside, but the throughput will be limited by the number of pubs who have an outdoor space. [The footfall] will be a gradual increase as people gain confidence.

“What does this mean for retail? In the short term, alcohol sales will be relatively strong in retail, especially with the Euros [football tournament]. As people start going to high streets and parks, there will be a transition towards instant and impulse consumption.

“There is a large amount of cash saved from people not spending money, but there is still anxiety in relation to economic wellbeing. Value will still be important.”