Mentos and Smint move into functional health with new product launches

Mentos Citrus Vitamin Gum and Smint Defensive contain vitamins to support the immune system and fight fatigue

mentos smint functional health

Perfetti Van Melle has added to its Mentos and Smint brands with the launch of varieties offering functional benefits.

The launch of Mentos Citrus Vitamin Gum and Smint Defensive comes as 45% of shoppers worldwide are purchasing more food and drink with added health benefits in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mentos Citrus Vitamin Gum (RRP £2.40) is sugar-free and contains 25% of recommended daily vitamins B6, C and B12, with orange, grapefruit and lemon flavours. A bottle contains 45 pieces.

Meanwhile, Smint Defensive (RRP £1), also sugar-free, has Vitamin B6 and Zinc to support the immune system and reduce fatigue. A recyclable flip-top box contains 18 lozenges.

Sarah Elmer, brand manager at Mentos Gum, said: “Health is significantly higher on the agenda for many of us heading into the winter months and because of this we’ve seen a phenomenal rise in demand for products that deliver added benefits. The new Mentos Citrus Vitamin Gum offers consumers a hit of delicious freshness which excites the mouth and awakens the mind – all whilst contributing to their wellbeing.”

Caroline Grimshaw, brand manager at Smint, added: “With the majority of the medicated market now sugar-based and subject to HFSS restrictions, new Smint Defensive provides the ideal, and appealing, sugar-free alternative that not only tastes great but is packed full of added benefits. The widely recyclable packaging targets the environmentally conscious consumer, too – helping everyone to bring out their best self.”

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