Karma food-waste app launched in UK

'If we can’t help you move your surplus, then the service is free'

Karma food waste app

Food-waste-cutting app Karma is looking to enter the UK convenience sector, with specially designed automated vending fridges.

The service is used in 500 convenience stores in mainland Europe and hundreds of UK foodservice outlets.

Businesses list end-of-life goods on the app with at least a 50% discount.

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These are purchased online and picked up in store by the user.

Chief executive Hjalmar Nordegren told Better Retailing the company had built a system that is easy and practical for the convenience sector and cuts cannibalisation from in-store discounting. 

He said: “Today, most convenience stores sell their surplus in store, meaning that you take full-price customers and turn them into discount ones. We’ll help you turn surplus into new revenue, marketing and customers coming into the store.”

Being eco-friendly attracts shoppers

Karma has also developed new in-store units to save staff time. Nordegren said: “The Karma Fridge removes the need for a human element when handing out the food, and it’s already available all over Sweden and in select locations in the UK.”

The company claimed 65% of grocery store customers convert to also purchasing full-price goods. 

The chief executive said tracking items listed on the app also helps to reduce waste. “If we can’t help you move your surplus, then the service is free,” he explained.

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