SGF launches pilot to urge single-use vape recycling

The SGF has launched a pilot programme in partnership with Elfbar to promote the responsible disposal of single-use vapes

vape recycling bin Anand Cheema Costcutter

On 25 September, SGF launched a pilot programme in partnership with Elfbar, providing recycling bins for the products. The scheme began its roll-out at Costcutter in Falkirk, Scotland, owned by Anand Cheema.

The Department of Health and Social Care recently revealed a consultation will be held on whether to ban disposable vapes. While the aim of the rumoured ban is to protect children from the devices, the environmental foot-print of disposal vapes has also been a concern in the past.

SGF CEO Dr Pete Cheema OBE said the move addresses the “environmental damage done by single-use vaping products if they are not disposed of responsibly”, and that they “must stop appearing in our streets and parks”.

“Stores participating in the pilot will be able to offer customers a return point in-store through a recycling bin for used vapes and retailers will be provided with a convenient waste and recycling option as part of this,” he added.

A total of 20 SGF member stores across Scotland will be participating in the long-term programme, starting in October.

Anand Cheema said: “I want to play my part in reducing the littering associated with single use, vaping products which in turn will benefit our local environment.”

Eve Peters, director of government affairs and spokesperson for Elfbar UK, said that, to date, the company has rolled out its own programme to 70 stores in England and Wales, with plans to scale up in terms of recycling bin coverage by the end of the year.

“Recycling points for used vapes have increased significantly in Scotland in recent months and we have worked to extend our recycling effort into the convenience sector, therefore we will be making further announcements in partnership with the SGF at the conference in October,” she added.

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