Nisa begins regular face-to-face meetings with retailers

The monthly meetings provide store owners opportunities to give the wholesaler feedback

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Nisa has begun holding monthly retailer panels, giving an opportunity to provide feedback directly to the symbol group.

Several Nisa retailers confirmed to RN that the panels started this year, with 40-to-50 partners nationwide given the op­portunity to attend.

One store owner added that the next meeting is to be held in mid-April at the Co-op’s head office in Manchester, with Nisa managing director Peter Batt in attendance.

Another Nisa retailer, who asked not to be named, welcomed the meetings, but stressed: “It’s good Nisa is willing to hear any issues we have on a regular basis, but there has to be con­viction behind it.

“We’re experiencing rising product prices, increased utilities and a cost-of-living crisis, and they must be able to put some action behind these meetings.”

Commenting on the meetings, a Nisa spokesperson said: “Since joining as managing director, Batt has made it his priority to spend time meeting and listening to independent retail­ers, in order to better understand how Nisa can support their busi­nesses. We are working hard to ensure we have the best proposition, and the valuable feedback retailers provide through their retail development managers, face-to-face and online forums is key to helping shape Nisa’s business strategy for this year and beyond.”


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