NewstrAid Help for Hobbies funding scheme charity families

Industry charity NewstrAid has announced the launch of a new funding scheme to support parents with a newstrade connection who are struggling to cover the costs of their children’s pastimes.

The Help for Hobbies Children’s Recreation Fund offers up to £250 per child towards the costs associated with a wide range of children’s hobbies.

Sinead Flood, welfare manager for NewstrAid, said: “We decided to launch this new funding scheme to ensure that newstrade families on a limited income don’t have to sacrifice their children’s pastimes in order to make ends meet. Particularly at the current time when the cost of living is at an all-time high.

“We are all aware of the importance of regular physical activity for children’s health and wellbeing, and the benefit of other recreational activities for their social and emotional development. Whether your child’s passion is football, drama, martial arts or pottery and you are finding it difficult to cover these costs, Help For Hobbies is there to provide some financial assistance.”  

The scheme can help with a range of different expenses including subscription or membership fees, equipment and clothing costs as well as charges for after school clubs and lessons. Applicants will need to satisfy the scheme’s criteria and will be required to fill in an application form and provide some financial information in order to be assessed.

What can be funded:

  • Annual subscription and membership fees for sports, arts and leisure clubs
  • Competition entry fees
  • Equipment and clothing needed for recreational activities, for example sports footwear, kits, costumes etc.
  • Membership fees for groups such as Beavers, Cubs, Girl Guides, Scouts and Sea Cadets
  • After school lessons in sports, arts, crafts, martial arts, music, drama etc.
  • Summer camps or holiday clubs
  • School trips
  • Equipment that enhances physical fitness such as bikes, trikes and trampolines
For more information and to see if you are eligible to apply click here

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