Morrisons begins wholesale roll out: promotions 8% lower than Booker generic

An online frenzy of whisky sales was sparked yesterday, as Morrisons mistakenly listed a £36 brand of premium The Glenlivet Scotch at just £2.50.

The pricing error was identified by Morrisons, which because of minimum unit pricing legislation in Scotland and Wales, would have made the charge per bottle illegal in those areas. No such legislation exists in England.

The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve is described by the distillery as a new rum-barrel finished single malt Scotch, which “combines the heritage of Scotch whisky with the flavour and soul of the Caribbean”.

Angry shoppers took to social media to complain when their orders were not honoured.

The supermarket has since apologised to customers who purchased large orders of the mispriced whisky and who later had their orders cancelled.

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